Dan graduated with high honors (Magna Cum Laude) from the Boston University School of Law in 1990. Before starting his own practice, Dan was a litigation associate at Hutchins, Wheeler & Ditmar in Boston (where he specialized in business and health care litigation), and at Varet, Marcus & Fink, also in Boston (as a litigation associate).

In the years since, Dan has limited his practice to litigation (court room proceedings), including numerous civil and criminal cases in Massachusetts state and federal courts.

Prior to law school, Dan pursued a wide variety of interests. After graduating from Hampshire College in 1978 (with a bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences), Dan moved to New York City to research the design and structure of antibodies at the Columbia University Department of Microbiology.

With a background in science and medicine, Dan became concerned about the threat of nuclear energy. He joined Clamshell Alliance, a grassroots organization that sought to educate the public about the dangers of nuclear energy and prevent the construction of the proposed twin Seabrook nuclear power plants in New Hampshire. While helping to organize protests and rallies, Dan became Clamshell’s media spokesperson. He was the public face of Clamshell, giving interviews with both local and national television networks and newspapers.

While at Clamshell Alliance, Dan worked part-time as a printer. Within a short while, Dan started his own printing company, the Wooden Shoe in Cambridge. With a primarily political clientele, Dan expanded his business from a single printing press in his basement, to a successful, 20-person operation. It was the sale of his printing company that financed Dan’s legal education.

Dan lives in Marblehead with his wife, their two daughters, and their dog. Dan is involved in his community, and serves as both pro bono lawyer and Board Member for the non-profit corporation, Eight Lights, Inc., as well as a Board Member of Temple Sinai.

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