With over twenty years experience practicing criminal law in Massachusetts, Attorney Gindes is a seasoned defense lawyer who has litigated hundreds of cases. He has conducted jury trials, bench trials, and motion hearings in Suffolk, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, and Plymouth counties, among others. Attorney Gindes has the courtroom skills and the legal experience to provide you with the highest quality criminal defense.

One of Attorney Gindes’ areas of expertise is aggressive pretrial motions, such as:

  • motions to suppress drugs seized by police,
  • motions to dismiss because of police error,
  • and motions to exclude breath tests in drunk driving cases.

Most of the time, when a pretrial motion is allowed in a criminal matter, the case ends up being dismissed. Attorney Gindes’ first step with a new criminal case is to determine whether a pretrial motion is appropriate. If it is, you can be sure that he will argue your motion with competence and dedication.

Great Results
Attorney Gindes has consistently achieved excellent results for his criminal clients. For example (please note all names have been changed):

- Assault on a Domestic Partner: Attorney Gindes successfully defended a client who was charged with domestic assault and battery on his girlfriend. Jim weighed over 175 pounds. Attorney Gindes argued before a jury that although Jim had been seen hitting his girlfriend, who weighed only 120 pounds, he was actually defending himself from her. Result: Not Guilty!

- Drunk Driving: Attorney Gindes had a drunk driving case dismissed when he convinced a judge that although a witness had seen Andrew weave and cross the yellow line, the police did not have probable cause to stop Andrew’s car. Result: Case Dismissed!

- Assault on a Minor Child: Attorney Gindes won a case in which Mrs. Jones was charged with assault and battery on her daughter, Debbie, in front of Debbie’s school. Attorney Gindes aggressively cross-examined teachers, school officials, and other witnesses who claimed to have seen Mrs. Jones hit, kick, and drag Debbie across the ground. In spite of these witnesses, Mrs. Jones was found not guilty. This case was especially important to Mrs. Jones, as she was facing the loss of her children by DSS for abuse and neglect at the time. Result: Not Guilty!

In cases where a defense is not possible, Attorney Gindes has a proven record of negotiating favorable pleas:

- Two Drunk Driving Cases for the Price of One: Attorney Gindes was representing Tom on a drunk driving charge. Tom was arrested for drunk driving a second time, while his first case was still in progress. Tom faced up to two and one-half years in jail on each case. Attorney Gindes had both of his cases resolved on the condition that Tom complete a “first offenders” treatment program. Tom would have been required to complete this program even if he had never been arrested a second time. Result: Second Case – No Penalty!

Personal Attention
Attorney Gindes litigates every criminal defense case personally – you will never be handed off to a junior associate – not even for simple hearings. Attorney Gindes keeps his caseload manageable so that he has the time to prepare thoroughly for every court appearance. This hard work and attention to detail has helped him to build a successful practice with many repeat clients and referrals.

No lawyer can guarantee a particular result. But we can guarantee the skill, dedication, and experience to provide you with the highest quality defense possible. Your initial consultation is always free; Attorney Gindes will be happy to give you his opinion on your case at no charge. High quality criminal defense may not be as expensive as you think!

Please note that if you cannot afford a private lawyer, the court must appoint someone to defend you. Read more about court-appointed criminal defense (or CPCS) lawyers by clicking the link below.

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