What should you do if you’ve been injured? See a medical professional as soon as possible: After any accident, it is best to go to the emergency room or see your family doctor immediately.  Even if you think your injuries are minor, you should be checked.  Sometimes it takes days, or even weeks, for the full extent of an injury to become apparent.  A quick check by a physician can be beneficial even with minor injuries for a couple of reasons.  First, your doctor can tell you how to take care of yourself and minimize any further injury.  Second, it is always better to have a record of such a visit so that if your injury worsens, you can prove when it began and that you did everything you could to take care of yourself. Follow your doctor’s orders: Listen carefully to your doctor, and do as he instructs.  Keep any papers your physician gives you, such as discharge orders, in a safe place.  Attend physical therapy and take medication if either has been prescribed.  Should your symptoms change or get worse, call your doctor immediately. Keep a diary of your injuries, symptoms, and any associated costs: It is important to keep detailed records of your injuries and your recovery.  It can be hard and to remember exactly what happened months (or even years) after you were hurt.  Make notes about your symptoms, and about how your injuries affect your ability to function.  Also, make sure you keep copies of all medical bills or other related expenses, whether covered by insurance or not. Call our office: Just like your doctor protects your health, your lawyer protects your rights.  If you have been injured, call Attorney Gindes to find out if you have a viable case.  There are deadlines under the law for filing personal injury claims, so it is important to consult with us as soon as possible. Do not make any statements regarding fault: Talk to us before you talk to an insurance adjuster or anybody else involved in the accident.  You may become disoriented or emotional immediately after your injury, so it is best to think very carefully before making statements to the police (or anyone else) that you may regret later. For more information, or for an evaluation of your case, please call us at (978) 741-4320, or email Attorney Gindes.

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