"Dan was recommended to me by a friend. I had several open domestic assault cases because my girlfriend was trying to get me deported. Dan took my cases to trial, and won. I think it is a miracle that I am still in this country after what she put me through. I owe Dan my life here with my new family, and I could not be more grateful."
- H. P., East Boston, MA
"Attorney Gindes was my counsel in case involving a deeply personal matter and I couldn't have been happier. From the start, he was on top of things providing me with knowledgeable counsel and support regarding strategy and my options. He handled my case with care, attention, and was ethical, efficient, and also had a much appreciated sense of humor. I am grateful for his guidance and good counsel."
- C. J., Peabody, MA
"I was picked up on a warrant for an old case and taken into custody by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). They tried to deport me for a trafficking case. Dan represented me, and got the case trafficking dismissed. I was able to get out and restart my life with my wife and daughters here in America."
- F. T., East Boston, MA
"Dan did a great job on my bankruptcy case. What I appreciated most was his common sense approach to our problems. Our house was under water, and it was very hard for us to let go of it. He was sensitive and patient as he counseled and guided us towards a decision we did not want to make. Looking back on it now it was the only thing to do, but at the time it seemed impossible. Dan helped us through the one of the hardest things a family can endure, and made it bearable."
- R. R., Lynnfield, MA
"When something unforeseen happens, there is nothing scarier than not knowing the law. Dan Gindes provides the knowledge and experience to keep the playing field even, and I found him to be a tireless fighter on the part of this client. I left Dan's office with the impression that he invests much more into a case than just his legal expertise. I believe that he really cares for his client’s welfare."
- K. K., Boston, MA
"I have used Attorney Gindes for a number of years for both personal and business situations. I have always found Dan to be very attentive to detail, extremely thorough and well prepared. These traits have proven most beneficial to me and I highly recommend Dan for any situation that calls for an attorney."
- M. B., Marblehead, MA
"I have used Dan for both criminal and civil cases. I was impressed by the breadth and depth of his knowledge and expertise. He resolved a drunk driving case for my partner in an extremely favorable way, and had him back on the road driving a few days after our initial meeting. I was injured at work a few years later, and he has worked hard to get me all the compensation that I deserve. I could not be happier."
- M. P., Beverly, MA
"Attorney Dan Gindes helped me through a very difficult time in my life. He was very kind, courteous and professional and I would recommend him highly."
- W. M., Salem, MA
"Attorney Gindes and his staff were extremely helpful, professional and courteous in assisting me with a debt problem. This was a very stressful and personal matter and Attorney Gindes resolved it in an extremely favorable way in a short amount of time. He sat down with us in his office to go over the paperwork and lay out the options and was always available by phone or email."
- H. M., North Shore, MA